About Us

“Each woman should celebrate the glorious passage of their lives. Poets write the words, I set the poetry in motion by sealing each woman’s vision of herself in gold and precious stones.”

Born of Spanish and Berber stock into the exotic cultural complexities of Casablanca, Morocco, Luna grew up to the spoken melodies of French, Spanish and Arabic wandering the bazaars of Morocco. Traveling extensively as part of her early education, Luna exported herself to America at age 16 where she was sure that the freedom of spirit and self-expression were waiting.

Luna began working at the United Nations In New York, wearing clothing and jewelry of her own design, creating such attention and acclaim that she was quickly thrust into the role of fashion and jewelry designer, showing full collections at Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Bendel’s and Bloomingdales.

Luna specializes in the ancient and precise technique of granulation, (the process of using granules of gold to create designs in relief), she then sets these into some of the most opulent and exquisite jewelry designs of this century.

Recognized throughout the world as being at the forefront of fine jewelry design, her voracious creativity pours itself into searching out the earths most precious and unusual gems, minerals and fossils.

Today Luna is extending her artistic attention to lesser known riches of the earth: colored diamonds, gem silica, pearls of Mississippi and Tennessee, Mexican fire opals and agates. The American Southwest has introduced her to many of these less official daughters of the gem world. A new freedom and excitement is emerging in the jewelry, according to Luna. She claims to be more indulgent and abstract, giving up some of the traditional symmetry of her previous creations. Under the open southwestern sky where infinity reigns, the options once again seem limitless.

A review of the work already achieved demonstrates the expansive talent and achievement that has gone into her 28 years of jewelry making. Luna is quick to point out that these years of hands-on at the bench, the non-glamorous sweat and mistakes, especially in hand fabrication, lead the artist towards perfection.

Luna’s work is currently represented at the Luna Felix Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Luna Felix